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~3rd Person’s POV~

Three weeks had passed and Izaya & [Name] were practically dating.

He would always be in her house when she was returning from her job and he would make sure, from distance, that no one harmed her!
He sometimes didn’t want to admit that he loved her, more than the other humans, or maybe even more than himself! He only showed it when they were alone and even sometimes act sweet towards her!

Whenever someone was watching them he would act as if nothing was happening, even if they were in the middle of a making-out session he would break the kiss and start saying what Izaya usually talks about.
And when Shizuo would be around he would start being a pervert towards [Name] in order to piss Shizuo off, who would possibly end up chasing him around Ikebukuro in order to murder him.

[Name] would always be nice and sweet to him, like everything was normal! Even he would cut her with his switch blade(s) constantly, don’t forget that he’s a sadist, she would always say that it didn’t matter, even if she was bleeding to death! Not that she was enjoying it…
She always said that if he’s happy, then she’s happy as well! Now if his happiness was her tears and blood, then she wouldn’t mind it at all!
Izaya was claiming to be a God, or God-like! For [Name] it was true! He was her God! She couldn’t imagine how her life would be if she never met Izaya!

Like Izaya was a God to [Name], [Name] was Izaya’s human, and only his!
She was the only one who could stand being around him, and listen his theories about humans, without wanting to kill him, or herself!

But he couldn’t go soft from one day to another!
He was one of Ikebukuro’s most fearful men! He was called “heartless” and other things like that! He couldn’t just go around showing that he has a heart! A heart that was stolen from a human!

His human!

[Name] could tell that he didn’t want to show it too much, so she said nothing to no one! She didn’t want to ruin everything!
Izaya was her one true love ever since high school! She didn’t want to make him mad, or angry or anything else! If that would happen, she couldn’t even think about what would follow!

One day, Izaya went to her apartment and as he was waiting her to return, he opened some drawers of her desk and found some of her drawings.
He thought that she never showed any of them to him, even though he was finding her sometimes in the proses of drawing them.

She was really shy about her work and the fact that she went to an art school after she left Raira was fascinating, since there she would have to show her creations to get a grade!
He was able to find allot of her jobs, like photo-shoots, illustrations, and other stuff like that, but he couldn’t find her personal files!

He spaced out as he was observing a drawing that seemed to look like him; he got surprised to see [Name] coming out of her bedroom with a sleepy look.
She surprised him for the first time (and probably the last one as well)!
It was the first time she was inside the apartment before him and he didn’t notice/knew it!

“It’s not like you to skip work [Name]! How come you’re home?” he asked, hiding his surprised look.
“I didn’t feel well and when Shizuo saw me looking like this, he told me to stay home, or else he would hit me with a vending machine…”

It was obvious that she wasn’t feeling well! She was more pale than usual and the fact that her eyes couldn’t stay fully open made it ever easier to understand!
The way she was walking and standing was different too! It looked like if she didn’t have something to grab herself from she would fall to the ground and break all her bones!

“How about that!? Shizu-chan said something smart for once!” he said as he went closer to her. “I still can’t believe that you’re related to him!”
He then showed her the drawing he was observing “And what that may be?”
She watched it, trying to understand since it was dark in the room.

“It’s you.” She stated simply and rested her head to his chest as soon as she wrapped her hands around his torso.
“How are you feeling? Are you hurting somewhere?” he asked concerned for once in his life for someone else.
“My stomach hurts most of all. I think that if I go near the kitchen I’ll throw up… And then there is a terrible headache which I have from the moment I woke up, and even though last night I slept normally, I feel exhausted…” she managed to answer.
Izaya stroked her hear and kissed her head as his grip of her tightened so she wouldn’t fall.

They stayed like this for a little while, enjoying the silence which was broken when Izaya suddenly spoke.
“Shall we go to the bedroom?” he asked.

[Name] looked at him and nodded positively.
He carried her on his arms bridal style and took her to her bedroom. When they got there, he placed her firmly on the bed and lied next to her.

As he made sure she was asleep, lying next to him, he muttered to himself.
“Could it be time already?”
Chapter 7 everybody! I hope you'll like it, it's something like a bridge between the previous and the next chapter!

Reader-chan wasn't feeling so well in this one... And Izaya hides something from us!!! ><
Well I guess we'll find out to the next chapter (or the chapter after the next one)

Please leave me a comment! I love reading/answering them!

I don't own Durarara or any of its characters! The story is the only thing I own! You are probably under Izaya's possession (and/or vice versa)!

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WhiteHeartAlice Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2015
It's coming....I knew it~
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Cousin Shizuo (when your sick):
Stay home or I'll hit you with a vending machine


Cause that's totally not a threat.
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O_O time? time for what?! Iza-kun scare me.... but hes to sexy to resist Q_Q
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here is another poem:
Roses are red 
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ReinaChan i love you
I love Izaya too~ <3
ReinaChan22 Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I can not spoil it to you! Unfortunatelly you'll have to wait (probably until tomorrow) 
I know, he's unreasistable! ;D

Your poem is so adorable!!! I LOVE IT!!! >w< 
And I love you too!!! <3 <3 <3
kari10001 Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2013
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I wouldn't since I don't really like being told spoilers, so I don't tell spoilers either!
I'll upload the next chapter as soon as I can so you'll see for yourself!
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I don't think you can ever love me more than Izaya! No one can love somebody else more than Izaya!
I mean, he's Izaya, how can you resist loving him?!
kari10001 Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2013
that is beyond power of human~ <3
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Yeah! We can not just stop loving Izaya, he's our God! <3
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